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You can view or download any of the below files by clicking on their titles, which are hyperlinks.


Bylaws       Rules


Strata corporation bylaws.


Bylaw Violation Complaint Form


Use this form to report a bylaw violation.


Strata Lot Emergency Information Form


Every new owner and every new tenancy must submit a Strata Lot Emergency Information Form within two weeks of completion or occupancy. This form must be submitted to the On-Site office not the management company. Once you have completed the form you can save it, and then email it to the Crescendo's email address. or, you can bring it into the office


Form K


Every new tenancy must fill out a Form K. This form must be submitted to the management company.


Pre Authorized Payment


Use this form if you wish to make your strata fee payments by Automatic Debit from your bank account each month.


Pre Authorized Payment Cancellation


Use this form, if you wish to cancel having your strata fees withdrawn from your bank account each month.


Locker Rental Agreement Form


Anyone wishing to rent an extra locker from the Strata Corporation may do so by using this form.


Parking Rental Agreement Form


Anyone wishing to rent an extra parking stall from the Strata Corporation may do so by using this form.


Amenity Room Booking Form


Use this form to reserve the Amenity Room for private non commercial use.


BC Hydro Application for Residential Service


Use this form to request residential hydro service with BC Hydro.


Renovations/Hardwood Flooring Application


Use this form, if you wish to make any alterations or change the flooring in your strata lot.

This form must be filled out and then emailed in its completed form or the file brought in to the office. No handwriting will be accepted except for the signatures. If you print it out and there are mistakes, or if the strata adds conditions to the application, you will have to redo it. It is strongly recommended that this file be emailed without changing any features other than the data you have entered into it. This will make correcting mistakes and the addition of any stipulations regarding the renovation to be added less time consuming for you. Failure to follow these guidelines will only lengthen the entire process.


 This form is a legal and binding document once signed by all parties. If anything is missing from it after it is printed out, this includes all the page numbers, it will be rejected.


The form "must" be filled out in its entirety and submitted with the damage deposit. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a rejected application.This file is an Adobe PDF file. That means you must use Adobe Reader to fill out and save the file. Any other program can make the document "uneditable" After you have saved the file, you should check to see if you can still make any changes to it before you send it in. Simply close it and open it again to check this.


When clicking the Submit by Email button two choices are displayed; Desktop email application and Internet email. If you have a desktop email program you will not see the choices previously stated, it will immediately pop up, and  if your mailto: protocol is set up correctly you can send the file. If you have an internet email application such as gmail, yahoo, or hot mail you must save the file to your device. You can then send it as you would any other file. If you use this method, the email address to send the file to is


Email is the preferred method of reception. As previously stated; any errors or omissions can be corrected before the application is printed out and passed onto Council for consideration. Also, if there are any conditions to be added to the agreement, they can be added. If you print it out, and run into any of these issues, you will have to resubmit the application.  The applicant(s) can sign the document when he/she/they come to the on-site office to drop off the damage deposit and samples, if any.

Air Conditioning Application Form


Anyone wishing to install air conditioning can use this form.


Condensation In The Home Bulletin


Paint Codes


The paint codes for the original suite colors can be found in this file.


Owners Manual


Building's Drawings and Contractors


Electrical      Architectural      Mechanical      Fire Suppression       Contractors